Dino is a MIDI sequencer for GNU/Linux. It is free software released under the GNU General Public License.

Dino is a pattern-based sequencer, which means that you write small patterns of MIDI events that you can repeat and arrange to create a whole song. Each track has its own patterns, so you can for example play the same drum pattern over and over again while you play different lead synth patterns and basslines.

Dino has a mailing list and a bug tracker, both hosted by Savannah.

Latest release: 0.2.8


2011-02-21 Dino 0.2.8 is released

This release fixes a crashing bug and a number of warnings and GUI nuisances, and adds support for LADISH level 1. Get it from the download page.

2010-12-31 Dino 0.2.7 is released

This release fixes a number of serious bugs and some Gtk+ noise. Get it from the download page.

2010-12-18 Dino 0.2.6 is released

Just after the release of 0.2.5 a crashing bug was discovered and fixed. The result is Dino 0.2.6. Get it from the download page.

2010-12-17 Dino 0.2.5 is released

This is only a bugfix release. It fixes a number of bugs that caused Dino to crash, have poor timing and hang notes, as well as some UI bugs and some problems with saving and restoring sessions. Get it from the download page.

2010-02-10: Dino 0.2.4 is released

This is only a bugfix release. It fixes compilation errors with some versions of libraries and compilers. Get it from the download page.

2010-01-30: Dino 0.2.3 is released

This is only a bugfix release. It mostly fixes compilation errors with recent libraries and compilers. Get it from the download page.

2007-04-26: Web button

Here is a button you can put on your webpage to show that your music is made using Dino:
Music made with Dino Music made with Dino

2006-10-10: Dino 0.2.2 is released

This is only a bugfix release. 0.2.1 did not compile with more recent versions of gtkmm and GCC (I'm not sure which one of them causes it), this release fixes that. Get it from the download page.
This version is not a snapshot of latest CVS - the current development is going on in another branch, and has some goodies like MIDI recording, loop points, a nice plugin architecture for the GUI, and a proper shared library for the sequencer engine with Python wrappers. It is not very stable or finished yet, but if you are brave or stupid enough there are instructions on the download page for getting the CVS version too.

2006-05-28: Mailing list created

Dino now has a mailing list that should be used for questions, comments and discussion about Dino. You can subscribe and unsubscribe on this page.

2006-05-28: Dino has moved to Savannah

The Dino webpages and CVS repository has moved from SourceForge to Savannah. The new URL for this page is http://dino.nongnu.org. Please update any links and bookmarks.

2006-05-17: Dino 0.2.1 is released

This is only a bugfix release. Get it from the download page.
Also, JACK from anonymous CVS now has MIDI support, so there is no need to patch it yourself.

2006-05-06: Dino 0.2.0 is released

Get the source package from the download page.

2006-04-25: Beta testing!

From 0.1.666, the CVS snapshots are considered "beta" versions. This means that no new features will be added before the release and only bugfixes will be committed. When no new bugs have been found in a while, Dino 0.2 will be released.

2006-04-18: Getting closer to release

Starting at development version 0.1.199, committed today, Dino is officially in alpha stage. This means that all major features that were planned for the first release are done, and only minor changes and bugfixes remain before it is ready for the waiting masses. If you want to test it and help by reporting bugs, now is a good time to start.

2005-09-06: Change of LASH library

Dino is now using LASH 0.5.0pre0 instead of the old and slightly buggy LADCCA 0.4.0. Hopefully there will be a release of LASH 0.5 before Dino is ready for release.

2005-09-03: Dino now uses JACK MIDI

Dino has dropped all support for the ALSA sequencer and will instead use JACK for MIDI as well as transport sync. There are no JACK releases with MIDI support yet, so if you want to try Dino you will have to run a version of JACK with this patch.

2005-04-18: The Midisaurus is here!

Every software package needs a mascot. Dino now has the Midisaurus, which you can see at the header of this page.

2005-02-20: CVS is fixed

It looks like the CVS repository is working again. It was only down for a little more than five hours.

2005-02-20: CVS is broken

The CVS repository on SourceForge does not work at the moment - appearently it is broken for all projects with names that start with a, c, d, g, u, w, or x (including this project, dinoseq). It might take a few days before it gets fixed.

2005-02-05: Website created

This website has been written and uploaded. Content will come as the Dino development progresses. No source packages are available yet, but if you really want to try Dino you can get the current development version from CVS. See the instructions on the download page.